What is Current Care?

Current Care is a health information exchange that provides a secure electronic network connecting your doctor and other approved health care professionals to your electronic medical record. It allows caregivers to quickly, accurately, and safely share your treatment history and information in order to reduce mistakes, encourage collaboration, and improve efficiency. Current Care will help ensure that your doctors have the right information at the right time to give you the best medical care possible.

What does it mean to you?

Better information means better care. The doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who work together for your health need the best information possible to provide you the best care possible. currentcare can give your doctor a more complete picture of your health and treatment history. Current Care will help reduce duplicate tests and dangerous mistakes when prescribing medication, and will ensure that all your doctors have a clear picture of your medical record.

A strong commitment to privacy

The data in Current Care is safe, secure, and private. It’s intended only for you and your doctors, and your information is not for sale. Your records are only made available to providers that you approve, and strong privacy controls keep your information out of
the wrong hands.

Enroll in Current Care, Rhode Island’s Health Information Exchange
Current Care

National Organizations

Health & Human Services
Centers for Disease Control
Office of the Surgeon General
National Association of Community Health Centers
National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program
Bureau of Primary Health Care

Rhode Island Organizations
Rhode Island Department of Health
Rhode Island Health Center Association
Rhode Island Department of Human Services
Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

Community Health Organizations
Citizens and Students Together – CAST
West Bay YMCA
Scituate Health Alliance