May 7th, 2018

Recently, WellOne submitted its 2017 annual report to the Bureau of Primary Health Care. This report provides the federal government with various statistical and demographical information about WellOne and the patients that we serve. It is used to evaluate WellOne’‘s performance under the provisions of our federal grant. I would like to share with you some of the highlights from this report, which provide insights about the patients that we served in 2017:

* A total of 16,154 unique patients received services from WellOne during 2017. This total amounts to 1,056 more patients than were served by WellOne during 2016 and represents the highest total in the organization’s history.

* Approximately 3,000 individuals received two or more types of services (i.e. medical, dental and behavioral health).

* WellOne generated 60,100 patient encounters (visits) including 32,800 medical visits; 21,000 dental visits and 6,300 behavioral health visits.

* 15% of patients were under age 18. 16% of patients were age 65 and over including 3% who were older than 84.

* 6% of patients had no health insurance. 37% were covered by Medicaid. 43% had private insurance and 15% were insured by Medicare.

A breakdown of patients by town was as follows:

Town Patients
Burrillville 4,318
North Kingstown 1,843
Glocester 1,471
Foster 1,359
Scituate 1,100
All other 6,063
Total 16,154

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