November 15th, 2017

WellOne Primary Medical and Dental Care, a federally qualified health center with offices in Pascoag, Foster, Scituate and North Kingstown, has announced its clinical performance results as highlighted in the 2016 Health Center Performance Comparison Report, a publication of the Health Resource and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In this report, WellOne’s performance in a variety of clinical areas was benchmarked against the performance of 1,367 health centers nationally.

In a communication to staff, President and CEO Peter Bancroft noted that the high quality of care that WellOne staff members provide to WellOne’s patients is evident in the report. “It is gratifying to know that your efforts are producing strong outcomes for our patients. This report directly reflects on your commitment to WellOne’s mission,” he said.

According to Bancroft, WellOne’s clinical performance was evaluated based on 15 clinical measures across a spectrum of focus areas. Notably, WellOne’s scores exceeded the national average for 13 of 15 clinical measures and the organization’s scores for 9 of 13 measures were in the top 25% of health centers nationally.

“I was especially pleased to see how we did in the areas of hypertension and diabetes control, colorectal screening and childhood immunizations,” stated Bancroft. “WellOne significantly exceeded the performance of health centers nationally in these areas.”

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